SpaCom Sourcing

Outsourcing – From Necessity to Competitive Advantage

In today's highly competitive global business environment more and more companies are considering outsourcing some or all of their manufacturing or business processes to lower cost countries, such as China. As a matter of fact, leading companies consider outsourcing as a great opportunity to obtain a competitive advantage in their industry. Some of the drivers for this thinking include:

  • Alleviating margin pressures on maturing product lines
  • Minimizing capital expenditures and optimizing asset utilization
  • Increasing short-term capacity for excess demand
  • Improving focus on core competencies, such as R&D, Sales & Marketing, Services, etc.
  • Shortening time-to-market
  • Freeing up resources for strategic tasks
  • Expanding into new product lines
  • Gaining exposure to global growth opportunities

If done correctly, outsourcing will result in an overall improved financial performance of your company and increase your competitive edge.

SpaCom is a global leader in providing reliable and efficient China outsourcing services to our clients. We have access to more than 2,000 manufacturing plants in China with a vast array of products and Manufacturing Processes and Capabilities all of which are operating under the highest quality standards.

SpaCom's value proposition for our clients includes:

  • China Manufacturing Outsourcing feasibility assessment of product lines and value chain processes
  • Matching of customer needs with available Chinese supplier base
  • Qualification of best sources
  • Management of engineering, prototyping and quality assurance processes
  • Management of logistics and supply chain aspects