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Maximize Value by optimizing your Supply Chain Management
In mature markets and during economic downtimes cost reduction is one of the largest value drivers for companies. The largest cost reduction potential for most manufacturing firms is often within their supply chain, in particular in inbound processes, such as logistics, sourcing and inventory management. Only slight improvements in lead times, cost of purchased goods, inventory levels or administrative processes can potentially have a significant positive impact on a company’s financial performance. Many companies have not completely exploited this value creation potential yet.

SpaCom offers our clients a comprehensive service package supporting your needs to unleash the cost reduction potential within your supply chain. Our value proposition includes:

  • Assessment of your supply chain including logistics, sourcing and inventory management
  • Identification of value levers and cost reduction potential
  • Implementation of SpaCom’s Supply Chain Performance Management concept

Secure your Position in China - the World’s fastest growing Market
Globalization does not only mean increased competition but also increased opportunities to market and sell a company’s products or services in emerging economies, such as China. Different business practices, complex corporate laws, evolving financial and banking systems, dynamic consumer habits, heterogeneous market segments, confusing government bureaucracy and regulations, regional and local customs and regulations, general communication and cultural barriers, complex logistical issues are only some of the hurdles for foreign companies to enter the Chinese market. However, China is already today one of the leading consumers and producers for many consumer and industrial goods and growth opportunities for competitive companies in China are abundant. However, Doing Business in China successfully requires local expertise, experience, local presence and good advice.

In cooperation with our renowned joint venture partner and production and services network in China, SpaCom is in a unique position to offer our clients effective consulting services related to your globalization plans in China, whatever they are. Our value proposition includes amongst other things:

  • Conducting of market studies and development of market entry strategies
  • Competitive intelligence and industry assessments
  • Development of Marketing and branding strategies
  • Advice and assistance in contract negotiations, partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions
  • Incorporation, office establishment and other legal services
  • Search, evaluation and selection of distributors and import/export logistics support

Let SpaCom show you how optimizing your supply chain and positioning your company for growth in China could impact your company’s financial and strategic outlook!